Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Allah hu akbar

If Fr. Jim had lived in the time of Pope Urban II, he would have responded to Urban's call....and fought for the Saracens.

Dad says:
"If Christians are expected to sit tight and be good-humored and/or esthetically toney when our symbols are desecrated with general public approval -- as they manifestly have been from time to time, sometimes with government funding, even here in supposedly hyper-religious America -- then the followers of Mahound living in similarly Spinozified societies should take their medicine too."

Fr. Tucker says:
"A number of editorials make the point that if media can disrespect Christianity (Rolling Stone's current cover, for instance), Islam shouldn't be given a free pass. That's playground logic. In reality, media shouldn't take great, offensive swipes against Christianity, either (or any serious religion, for that matter)."

In either case, it is a fact that when Christianity, especially Catholicism, is mocked by the media, they take it like a man and don't go marching in the streets, let alone setting embassies on fire.