Sunday, February 19, 2006

CCD Week Eighteen

As I said, today we dealt with infallibility, "Father such-and-such", Confession, and Purgatory. But before that, I was leaving the church to go across the street to CCD. I noticed that Fr. was being spoken to hastily and angrily to such an extent that if the guy had taken it to the next degree, he would have been outright yelling. I didn't catch the whole thing, but overheard something about "women don't belong in the.......he said that to me". What the hell was that about?! Fr. was just standing there looking as if he could so do without this. I went across to CCD, but while waiting for my teacher, I talked to the DRE. "Was he tallish, white hair, with glasses?" "No", I said, "he was shortish, black hair, and glasses." Apparently, my parish has a parishioner who has openly declared that he has been sent by Christ to fix the Catholic Church. Right. He reads Adoremus and the Wanderer a lot and then writes letters to the parish telling them what their doing wrong. "Why doesn't he just go over to St. Benedict's (our local Tridentine chapel)?!" "Well it's not even as if he wants to Tridentine Mass, she said, "he just wants to stick around here and complain." Oy!

Anyway, the first thing we talked about was the infallibility of the Pope. Somehow, the issue of salvation came up. He said that people who had wandered away from the Church could still, possibly, get to Heaven. I knew he wished that I had just shut up, but oh well...I seized this opportunity to ask "if it's still possible for someone who has ditched the Church to get to Heaven, why bother staying Catholic and going to Mass, let alone every week?" I stressed that I did believe that there was the protection of invincible ignorance. He said that I should bring it up with Fr. and also ask my dad. Hmm, I seem to remember hearing of a time where my mom would get quite annoyed with her parents sometimes dismissing questions with an "ask your teacher"...well, so the pendulum swings.

He moved on from that and continued talking about Papal Infallibility. He was doing quite well, and even said that obedience is due to these teachings on faith and morals which the Pope is infallible on. I asked, "so you're saying that the Pope is infallible on faith on morals. Fine, I agree. You also say that obedience is due. Again I agree. But if you believe this, why are you willing to dissent from the infallible teaching of two-thousand years of Pope's on the Church's indispensable role in salvation, a doctrine, by the way, has not been discharged though it is significantly less talked about?" He really wish I had shut up now! At first he seemed a tad confused and then worked out that a nice "ask Fr." would hopefully serve the role of a hushpuppy.

Let's skip ahead to Purgatory, if only because I'm tired and need to snooze. He did remarkably well on this! There I was about willing to cut him, me, and anyone really a lot of slack for not knowing how to defend the doctrine of Purgatory to a tee as it can be a very difficult one to explain. I'm really always timid about getting into arguments because I freak about whether I'll be able to have the answers. I usually do okay, but the point is that I can tell I'm especially timid about Purgatory. By the teacher did really well, and certainly taught me something. One of the questions he asked that I certainly couldn't answer if I tried was "the Bible says to pray for the dead...but why pray for them if they go straight to Heaven?" Damn, "uhh...well..uhh....uh.." At the end of class, he gave us a book called "Pillar of Fire Pillar of Truth". It's a small, small book for quick use when Evangelicals and Fundamentalists come to your door, he said.

Next week we have an exam of some sort. I hope it isn't too easy. Also, for some reason I sense that there will be a lot of joking around next week...don't know why. Anyway, the hangman word he put up this morning was "The Ascension". I hope to do a few words on him. Let's try something along the lines of "Albagensian Crusade".