Sunday, February 12, 2006

CCD Week Seventeen

Again, another good class. The teacher did the thing again where you guess the letter and...well it's basically hangman except without the man..or the scaffold...or even the noose for crying out loud. Just kidding. Anyway he told me beforehand that the words were "Evangelicals and Fudamentalists" so that I wouldn't guess it. Hmm...whatever. Anyway, I figure I'll do a couple on him next week. I'll give him the clue "France" and have the words be "Albagenzian Crusade". Ha! I challenge him to get that.

Anyway, the homily this morning was given by our resident seminarian (oh by the way, if Deacon Dan is reading me, could he please check his e-mail?), and there were no announcments so Mass was rather shorter than regular. As such, there was a lot more time to do stuff. Seriously, there have been classes where we've had scarcely forty minutes to work with and the teacher wouldn't help that by not getting the lead out and instead dwelling on one point. But today, we had the full hour.

We dealt with the following questions likely to be heard from Fundies: why does your faith say you are saved by faiths and not by works?; why don't you pray right to God instead of dealing with this saints business?; why do you 'worship' Mary?; and why does your Church have statues? That was pretty fun. Next week we'll be dealing with Papal Infallibility, Confession, the priestly title of "Father", and Purgatory. Should be fun.