Sunday, February 05, 2006

CCD Week Sixteen

Hey today's class was pretty good! At first he had us play essentially hangman, except without the hanging and without the man, and the word was, I answered, "reformation". The Protestant one, that is. This was prudent to bring up because this class is basically answering the assertions of Luther's descendents in faith.

He talked first about the question fudamentalists often ask is why doesn't your faith let you interpret scripture? Well first of all, not much but disaster comes from that. But the teacher put it the best way. If a bunch of employees are looking at their vacation allotment sheet, and one says they get thirty-five days, one says fifteen days, and still another says they're getting only ten days of vacation, there needs to be a higher position to set the record straight and to "have the final word". He likened this to a CEO who simply puts it forward that you have x amount of vacation time, and there is your answer. And as an instition, the Church also has, and needs to have, someone who can intervene and say "thus sayeth God".

He raised the point, in the context of "Bible-only" being an insufficient foundation for the faith, that while God loves us for who we are, he loves us too much to leave us where we are and the way we are. Hence he gave us the Church that was the guardian of Christianity long before the canonical books of the Bible were even written, and certainly long befor the Christian in the street could get his hands on a copy.

Another claim to be made by Luther's descendents is that of "why did your Chruch add books to the Bible?" This is a pretty easy one to answer: we didn't add, you took away. These books didn't fit into Luther's agenda, so he ousted them. The begining of take-this-and-leave-that Christianity.

Well, it's on days where I have to war with my teacher that the longer CCD posts come. So since today was a good class, there's not much more to say.

Oh more thing. On the door to my classroom, there was some door covering thing that said "The mind is like an umbrella - it works best when it's open". Yeah, and you know what? The mind is like a door - it keeps the bad stuff out when closed.