Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fr. Santoro's cause to be opened soon

Cardinal Ruini says that the case of Fr. Andrea Santoro, the priest martyred in Turkey, will be opened soon (via dad). Some might think this is far too soon, and that we should wait longer before beatifying or canonizing saints. But it must be remembered that a huge part of what made canonization take so long in ages past was that the modes of transportation for sending endless questions and answers back and forth were very slow, and that even then good information was hard to come by. Today we face obstacles, but it's still a whole lot easier. Also, remember that not all canonizations were tedious...there were some saints who were canonized a mere two or three decades after their death.

Also consider something about Fr. Santoro that is so inspiring: he was a good priest of fine character, by every account; he served God well; he was killed because he was a priest of the Catholic Church and therefore hated; and he is a martyr of to-freaking-day; and he is the last priest in I don't know how long to be killed after presiding at the altar. Not quite the same as Bloody Elizabeth's secret agents literally pulling priests away from the altar while they were saying Mass secretly, but pretty dashed close. It was Tertullian who wrote "the blood of the martyrs are the seeds of the Church." In a time when the Catholic Church, especially in Europe, needs needs to be zapped with a (powerful) jolt of lightning, holy people like this priest should be recognized and exhalted. God Bless you, Fr. Santoro, and if it means anything, I think you're a hero! Requiscat aeternes dona eis, domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.