Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just Back

I just got back from Northern Virginia with mom and Bella. We were celebrating an old friend's birthday, and we had a very good time. I wanted to take advantage of the trip to meet up with some friends up there, but the notice was short for me and would have been all the shorter for people with far stricter schedules. Oh well. I hear the Washington Shakespeare theater is doing a performance of Sophocles' in March or April, so maybe we can base a trip and meeting around that.

Anyway, we had dinner with our birthdaying friend in Mclean, Virginia. There were two more of his friends there, and it was very interesting talking with them. One was a third order Dominican lady, and one was another laymen, and both were cool. We talked a lot, though not exclusively, about the Church in general, the Diocese of Arlington (we were in it at the time, after all), and the future. One of the friends and I talked about the rotten translation ICEL did of the Mass into the vernacular ("how does 'et cum spirito tuo' come out as 'and also with you'?!"). He was really cool because he got it about Vatican II, the Tridentine Mass, the Lefebvrists, and especially about the Novus Ordo. Like the fact that it was promulgated in Latin and that exceptions to the vernacular tongue meant exceptions.

Anyway, I won't go throuh it all. A good time though, absolutely. Hopefully we can schedule a dinner in that area with friends from that are I wasn't able to see this time around.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I just remembered something. I mentioned at one point that a friend of mine and I were huge admirers of Pope Pius XII. The birthday-ing friend said that he had been to an auidance with HH and had gotten a blessing from him.
**gurgles at the awesomeness of the thought**