Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Stance on Islam

Okay, so my hiatus lasted four days less than it should've done. But my position as far as access to the computer is still not regulated, and I'm quite surprised mom's had pity and...well...allowed me to post right now.

In the middle of this controversy over the Danish cartoons I wanted to do something I haven't done yet on my blog, and that is to outline my actual stance on Islam. Before I go on, I suppose I should add that nothing I say here is meant to be confrontational or upsetting to anyone. It might, but the chips will fall as they may. However I'm not writing anything in this post simply to get a kick out of hating Islam.

But I agree with Tim Staples that one of the most severe sins of today is that of indifferentism, specifically religious indifferentism. So while I don't, again, say anything just to be upsetting, I'm going to be clear with exactly what I think.

First off, Islam does not mean "peace." It means "submission", and the peace that comes from that submission. Islam itself, not necessarily its adherence, plain and simply is not a religion of peace. Mohammed was a warmongering lunatic. In the centuries after Jesus Christ died, Christians hid in the catacombs for fear of their lives, yet being willing to give up their lives (if things happened that way) as witnesses to Jesus Christ (in fact "martyr" actually means "witness"). In the centuries after Mohammed died, his followers A) had to keep the masses from reverting to their old ways under threat of death, and B) went on a campaign of blood across North Africa and into Spain.

Now how about today's Moslems? The majority of them are not like that, and love peace and freedom. The majority of Moslems are peaceful folks. In other words, they are polar opposites of Mohammed. They are dissidents and good for them, too. When a Catholic dissents, they contribute to a decaying society and a culture of death. When a Moslem dissents, they lead a life of serenity and maybe even freedom.

But what am I saying?! Surely it's the OBL types that are the ones dissenting and leading lives contrary to the Koran. I'm sorry to say that nothing could be further from the truth. Go ahead and read the Koran. No, it is not a message of peace and equality with a few "rougher verses" thrown in there for good measure, but a message of conquest with a few verses about peace and equality put in (or "Suras", as I believe they're called in the Koran).

I walk a fine line between making Christ out to be basically Mohammed seven centuries earlier and a drone-on about peace-and-love-peace-and-love. Christ teaches us to teach, with the weapons of faith, the Gospel. In that Gospel, he does remind us, more than anyone else in the Bible, of the very real existence of Hell. He also tells us that yes, sometime we will have to go to bat for the faith, and sometimes say "enough is enough", and even battling for the faith since people will not accept easily that which challenges there very way of life. Luke 22:36, and Matthew 10:34 are two instances of this.

So I do not take the Koran's taking the same stance to be wrong. But the Koran doesn't simply take those positions, but takes them to the most radical degrees. The Koran teaches that you buy your way to heaven by killing infidels. Following the Koran, should "enough is enough" ever be declared, you put away your bloodied Scimitars.

So it is the Osama Bin Laden's who are following the Koran. Obviously, I'm a huge proponent of religious orthodoxy and integrity. Does this mean I'm calling for more Moslems to be like Mohammed and OBL? For all its drawbacks, I've grown rather accustomed to having a head, so no; this is not what I'm calling for. However I do call for a realization of the true nature of historical Islam and of the Koran and not this rubbish fed to us by the people who would have us believe that Islam really is not all that bad, not bad at all, best thing that's happened to the world, etc. Jeff Miller at the The Curt Jester put it best when he said that we should encourage Christians to be more like Christ and Moslems to be less like Mohammed.

But wait a minute? I want people who profess a religious faith to actually profess that faith with integrity, but I don't want Moslems following the Koran. Okay, so what do I want for the future of Islam? Simply put, I want it to profess the faith of God with integrity. And by that, I want it to be Catholic. It's worth remembering that I believe in the Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus Doctrine of the Church, but besides that, John 17:21-22 reads: "That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one".

So that all may be one. Now the best way to do this, converting Moslems, is to Crusade. That way we'll have dead Moslems instead of alive Christians. And the Moslems who are left will just be coerced to convert out of fear. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. I am totally of one voice with Fr. Jim that calling a Crusade is about as much of a solution to the problem as pretending a hammer is a wrench and trying to twist away at the proverbial screw with the hammer. I believe most of the Crusades of history were righteous endeavors, but now is not the time for a Crusade. Put down the replica Crusader sword, pick up the Rosary, and start praying for conversions.

I was going to write my opinion on this cartoon controversy, but I’m too tired right now and have other things I want to write about tomorrow and the next day. Suffice it to say that I agree a lot with Thrown Back’s post about it, and even with a few things from Fr. Jim’s posts about it.