Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Where's the apology?

Pope hopes priest's death can help dialogue

I am not one of these people who drone on about how "oh I just yearn for the days when the Pope would do this or that...demand that countires recognize the Church as the religion of the state...etc." But this time, I do think the Pope should hit a bit harder. The proper mentality after a good priest of the Holy Catholic Church was murdered in cold blood by a son of Islam, is for "moderate" Islam to apologize humbly to the Pope for this. Yes, maybe this assailant was of the branch of Islam that faithfully follows the Koran and which we, in our PC manner, have labled "radical" Islam in an attempt to seperate from Islam as a whole. However, the proper attitude for the Muslim diplomat to the Vatican to have is that of an embarrassed troop leader, one of whose scouts threw a rock through a window to be nasty. I'm just saying if I were Pope, I would be looking at the Islam with a loud "AHEM?".