Friday, March 03, 2006

...and Back

I tried an failed to get some good pictures. Oh well. I'll get myself a digital camera one day and then won't have to worry about this.

We went up in the van of a friend who was also going and with the Nigerian guy from last time (the Cardinal Arinze confirmand). We got there in pretty good time, and while everyone else was back looking for the bathrooms, I saw the priest and Msgr. Sullivan, rector of the Cathedral, coming so I went to meet them. The priest giving the evening of recollection recognized me immediatel but the recotr didn't.

"Monsignor Sullivan?", I asked. "Yes, who are you?", he asked. So I introduced myself again.

A while later, I went to confession and then listened to the evening of recollection progress. One thing I noticed was that the Cathedral has a coat of arms of a whole lot of Bishops, the most recent being, of course, Bishop Dilorenzo. Also, it had a bunch of Papal coats of arms as well. I noticed Pope Saint Pius X and Pope Pius XII.

Oh, and I did get my usual "I thought you were like twenty".