Friday, March 17, 2006

Arrogance encapsulated

Pontifications has up a post with a letter from a young woman in the RCIA venting her reservations about the Catholic Church and teachings therefrom. Al Kimel responds very well to an incredibly arrogant letter. Were I presented with this question in person, I would first have to gag at the arrogance for a few minutes before even beginning to gather my thoughts to make a response.

This woman is basically saying "I'm converting to Catholicism but since it's the Church being the one honored here and not me, they need to conform themselves to me. Two-thousand years of teaching needs to be dismissed because, hey baby, this is ME here. Yes to the Mass, sacraments, love love love, and a whole bunch of other things; no to everything that doesn't suit my fancies." Absolutely contemptible. I have a post that I wrote a while ago but have had sitting in my computer file forever that pertains to this a good deal. I'll suppose I'll post it tomorrow.