Sunday, March 12, 2006

CCD Week Twenty-One

You may recall what a blathering waste of time last week's class was, and how it really knocked the wind out of my sails. How while no opposition to doctrine or creed was elicited, the entire class just seemed to be as contrary as possible. If there's a generally accepted consensus, reject it. Stuff like that.

That class was a positive joy compared to today. An absolute circus!

The class started ok. By which I mean we didn't waste a whole lot of time. We talked about what things like drugs, alcohol, and pornography can lead to. So it was going pretty well.

About fifteen to twenty minutes before the class ended, the topic of abortion came up. I could not believe I was in a Catholic CCD class.

This question got more responses than usual. Four people, myself included, raised their hands. Then...they all gave their opinions on how possible it is to justify abortion. I could not believe it. Even the kid who I thought to be smart agreed that abortions are ok in cases of rape. Don't ever look at a Catholic-claimant, see that he likes Latin, and then think "good Catholic". This kid does like Latin, and studies it at his high school (of all places).

Then another boy and a girl put forward that abortion can be justified. The boy apparently didn't like the abortion-by-disembodying practice, and contended that they should use a syringe and serum just as on a death row inmate. I was too caught up on disbelief to tell him that when the serum is injected into the amniotic sack, it poisons the fluids and everything else the baby is living on (except the mother) and the baby is forced to choke slowly to death.

Then the girl talked about how if she were raped, it would be too embarrassing and she would be mocked. So, naturally, the antidote is to kill the baby. Naturally, this girl was quite pretty.

I didn't try and take them one on one, but as a whole. I asked, "why does a child of rape deserve the death penalty? Why are we allowed to kill another human being because he or she is inconvenient? By this logic, I should be able to go and kill off those who I owe money."

The teacher was very good about this. He was showing that, while the baby's dad might be a scumbag, the kid isn't. "What in the hell", he asked in his Texas accent, "has the baby done to deserve being aborted?"

I was going to make the point that while of course rape was terrible, it does not justify the murder of a child. The poor girl has been raped, so what do you do? You add insult to injury by taking her to have an abortion scarring her mind to an even worse condition degree for the rest of the girl's life! She's been raped, so you take the baby, and do something far worse than raping could ever do: you kill it. I don't care if the way the baby is killed is being eaten by lions or being put to sleep and then having the heart stopped, it is the taking of the life of another; it is murder. It's embarrassing, therefore you kill your daughter? Does that mean you're going to run your parents through next time you're at the mall? By that logic it does. But above everything, you're just called to be martyred sometimes.

A girl who's been raped should be treated as a queen. Nothing should be denied her that she asks, no one should ever say they're too busy to help her even if that be to go over and talk. She deserves help, damn it, not Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The teacher stopped me before I made those points and basically made them himself. He did a very good job in saying the right thing, but a rotten job in how he said it. That is, he didn't tell them that the belief they have held for however long and just expressed a minute ago severed the ties between them and the Church.

However, I went to him after class and told him that I admired him for standing up. All the same, I told him and I tell my reader now, I'm going to talk to the DRE and ask her to grant me a dispensation of the two years of study rule, write a letter of approval to the Bishop for me, and then let me be confirmed in the next class, which will be confirmed in May or June.

I told him that this was not his fault at all, and that he was the only redeeming factor in the entire God-forsaken class. He says that I should really wait and be confirmed with the rest of the class, and that I should at very least give it some thought before I do this. He said he thinks I'm ready, but still, as I said, wants me to wait. He said it's good for the class to have me around, even if just to give another viewpoint.

I listened to him and presented to him that I am here to learn. Sadly, all the humility in the world cannot mask the fact that I have learned but one thing over twenty-one weeks, it was not important (just a matter of trivia), and that it was so unimportant that I forgot it. The fact is clear: I'M NOT LEARNING ANYTHING.

As for giving my opinion, teaching that is, I'm just a stereotyped bookworm sitting in an aisle all by myself - I'M NOT TEACHING ANYTHING. If I'm going to teach, it will be from the pulpit, so to speak.

We left on the note of he just asking me to think about it. Which, by the way, I am. I struggle with the question: am I being too rash or is he being too patient? The answer I have as of now is that he's to patient.

So I will talk to the DRE about the dispensation and approval to the Bishop on my behalf. I hope she'll do it. She might, and might is seriously as up-in-the-air as it could be. I'm just not sure. Either way, I'll talk to her and tell her that I would be more than delighted to teach a class of about third to eighth graders.

But I really don't need this crap. None of this rage is directed at pregnant girls, raped or not, nor to any girl who has made that decision. Rather, it is to these classmates of mine who would, far from trying to dissuade her, would condone it and encourage it. By the way, the penalty for performing, condoning, or having an abortion is Excommunication Without Decree (until sanity and penatence is restored, that is). I wonder, then, what status does one find themselves at if they would perform or condone an abortion if put to the task?

To wrap this up, to anyone whose thinking that I'm arrogant to think I should be given a pass just because I don't like my class-mates, know that I'm fine with being in the same classroom as a bunch of people who believe divorces should be granted to anyone who's tired of the other one, or who believe contraception is an integral part of married life, or who disregard the poor because we're not one of them. I am not, however, going to sit in the same classroom and listen to the idiocy of a bunch of "Catholics" who believe this, this, this, and this to be ok so long as you didn't plan on it or you didn't enjoy the honors.

P.S. If you've been offended by the realities, I really don't care.