Thursday, March 09, 2006

Daily "Trid" Mass

I just went to the Tridentine Mass this morning with my père. Remember I mentioned the new priest, Fr. Kevin Willis FSSP, is doing daily Mass nowadays. After Mass, I spoke with him and told him that while I'll still be going to our ordinary Novus Ordo parish on Sundays, I'd love to be an unofficial daily Mass server if I could learn how. "It's a lot different", he said, reffering to serving the Novus Ordo versus serving the Tridentine. "I know", I said, "but I'm actually not so much concerned with the Latin because if you give me a day or two I can have it down. But it's the when you move, where to, and then what you do that I'd be caught on." Then he alerted me that they're having altar boy training Saturday after the 9:00 AM Mass. "Great! I'll be there!" So I'll be an altar server for the Tridentine Mass on weekdays! Is that cool or what?!