Sunday, March 19, 2006


A few days ago I sent a letter (yes, an actual-pen-and-paper-which-came-from-a-tree letter) to my God-parents giving them my e-mail address and asking them to e-mail me (I didn't have their e-mail address) because my Confirmation plans have, shall we say, changed. They e-mailed me today and I e-mailed them back with the low-down and asking them if they can still come. Months before I had any idea I would be Confirmed in April of this year, I sent them a letter asking them to be my sponsors. They said they'd be happy to, but since the Confirmation plans have altered so greatly, I e-mailed them back asking whether they'd still be able to come down. I'm awaiting a response right now. I told them that I'll totally understand if they just can't manage it because of, for one, short notice. Think about it...the Easter Vigil is less than a month away! And then there's the fact that they might want to spend Easter at home with friends and family. Before all this, when I was scheduled to be Confirmed in early summer of '07, there was no major Church holiday that they would be spending away from home, friends, and family.

Well, time will tell. If not, it's no big deal. If they can, that'd be great!