Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How one thing leads to another

I was just thinking of the future canonization of Mother Theresa and that got me thinking of the future (I'm positive) beatification of Ven. Pius XII. Here's the deal: if the Papacy really wants to make sure the Jewish community is offended as little as possible (though, to be frank, Pius XII's beatification comes before concerns of offense taken over a crock of slander), canonize Blessed Pope Gregory X at the same time as beatifying Pius XII.

Theobald Visconti was born in Italy in the year 1210. He was Pope only from 1271 to 1276, but was a Crusade-preacher and put his money where his mouth was by accompanying the Crusaders to Palestine (where he happened to be when actually elected Pope). He called a the second Council of Lyon in 1274 which reunited the Orthodox and Latin Churches (though only for a short time, sadly). But he is perhaps most famous for releasing an edict as Pontiff saying that what rubbish there was going on against the Jews needed to stop. He was beatified by Pope Clement XI in the year 1713, but sounds like he's up for some elevation in the Church's recognition of holy men and women.

This isn't to say that the holy process of canonization should be exploited and brought down to the level of mere political appeasement, but it would be a fine way of saying "this stuff about 'Hitler's Pope' is a festering pile of--", "erm, your holiness?", "yes yes, it's all nonsense and we hold to that but to show our goodwill, dot dot dot"