Monday, March 13, 2006


Julian the Apostate

Which Roman Emperor Are You?


You scored as Urban V (1362-1370). Congrats!
As Urban V, you reigned for 8 years.
You were an abbot in Marseilles, and became
pope because the jealousies of the cardinals of
the Sacred College prevented them from successfully
electing one of their own. Against the protests
of French cardinals, you returned the papacy to
Rome, but due to the political instability of Italy
you went back to Avignon three years later, where
you died within weeks.

Which 13th-century Pope are you?!
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Whoever made this quiz should know that these are all fourteenth century Popes. Yeah, you should look out for little details like that.

I have to consider it very nerdy of me to have memorized by heart all the Popes of the Avignon Papacy. :-
One of the questions on the Pope quize was "I believe that the souls of the dead do not see the face of God until after the Last Judgement". Selecting that would be taking after Pope John XXII, who wrongly taught this. Protestants will use this as a reason why the Papacy isn't infallible since John XXII obviously contradicted the teachings of all the other Popes. But here's the crux: John taught this teaching only as a private theologian, not as the Pope. Fulfilling his duty as a Pope, he taught the proper teaching concerning the beatific vision just as he should've. A great testament to the Holy Spirit's guiding of the Papacy, I think.

Both quizzes are via The Book Burner