Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rob the Tridentine Front Royal-ist!

For lack of a better title. :-/

Another little but cool thing about the Tridentine Mass is the way that, since we all face the same direction, there's none of this "look at that on the right side of the altar." "Our right or Fr.'s right?" "Our right, Fr.'s left".

Well on the right side of the altar at St. Benedict's, there is a statue of St. Joseph. Since his feast day was just a couple of days ago and since his trademark symbol is lilies, the parish put a vase full of lilies in front of the statue. As a result, when I and the other altar boy went over to do the process with the water, wine, basin, and finger towel, and then to go and receive communion, that side of the altar smelled strongly of lilies.

Now the guy I was serving with today obviously lives around here but goes to Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia. He used to post at a blog that has since retired, Fiddleback Fever. Look on the sidebar there at the profiles; he's Rob. Now, obviously, Front Royal is under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Arlington. Naturally, therefore, I was going to tell him the news of Bishop Loverde's decision to allow the Tridentine Mass, but he'd already heard and was thrilled about it. It's especially delectable to him because on of the parishes ordained (so to speak) to use the Tridentine Rite is St. John's in, that's right, Front Royal.