Saturday, March 11, 2006

Trid. Mass Training

I'm back from my altar boy training. It went very well, and I have a little booklet to help me learn the responses by heart, and also where to move and when.

Training started after the 9:00 AM Mass this morning. During a break, I talked with our priest, Fr. Willis. I told him about how a friend of mine and I were huge Pius XII devotees, and he enthusiastically told me that he was too and that Pius was the best Pope of the twentieth century. Much as I love JPII, I do agree. I mean, Pius kept the Church together in a time of such strife, stood up to Hitler by saving a ton of Jews, intrepidly stood up to that thug can you not love him?

Fr. Willis did mention things that he though John Paul should have done, but they were all things I did agree with. You know, times when he should have laid the smackdown harder, Bishops and Cardinals that shouldn't have been such, but maintained that he was a very good Pope. He noted in a affible way that devotion and pleas through him are very hot right now, and that John Paul II helped Fr. Willis locate his lost parrot some months back.

St. Benedict's medals are nice things to have, but they have special blessings when they are blessed by a Benedictine using a particular rite. Fr. Willis had a whole bunch of those medals, quite large, blessed and gave one to each of us! Pretty cool! Thinking about how they were indeed unusually large, I wonder if that's to keep babies from choking on them? That's something well worth being concerned about since Tridentine Mass-families are quite the reproducers.

During another break, I found out that my teacher was not a Lefebvrist, but certainly approved of them. He holds to it that Lefebvre will be canonized one day. Pfft! I was arguing with him, courteously but definitely, and finally got him to mention off hand that "the Pope has a final say". Boo-yaa, I win! Well not yet, but I will win in a second. "The pope has the final say, you believe. Yes, he does. So why didn't Lefebvre bow to the will of John Paul II? No where in the history of the Church has it been taught that you are allowed to disobey the authority of the Pope so long as it's a serious enough case." He replied, "you are not allowed to if it's a direct Papal order." I simply said "the 1988 order of John Paul II to Lefebvre not to ordain those Bishops was a direct Papal order in every sense of the word!" Well, he honestly didn't have much, that is, anything to say to that.

For the rest of today and tomorrow, I'm going to be studying my little booklet and get it down as best I can. Just like driving a car, you can't get it down real well until you do it, but hopefully I'll start on Monday, learn from what will hopefully be only a few errors, and then serve me up some Tridentine Mass!

Introibo ad altare Dei

Beata Mariae semper virgini

Beato Michaeli Archangelo

Sanctis Apostolis Petro...

...Et Paulo

Benedicta Sanctum Ioseph, eius Castisimus Sponsus (sorry that this came out so poorly)

The Credence Table

And lastly, this is the church from a distance.