Monday, April 10, 2006

Altar girls Article

There's an article in the Arlington Catholic Herald about the first parish to use altar girls in the diocese. It immediately reminded me of a story from the seminarian at our parish. When he applied to the seminary under the old bishop, he had to go through four women and one priest in the vocations office. He was aked the infamous question of what he thought about women priests. He gave his answer without outright singing the praises of women's ordination. The priest told him that he is pro-women's ordination but that he would reject the first three-thousand applicants. Reason being, they would all be the types that wanted to do this just because they didn't have it and they wanted to get it and show up their opponents. Much the same way with the altar girl decision, no doubt. The first girls who are going to do it are probably the type who want to do it to show up the more traditionally-minded people who don't want it. I could be being unfair in which case it's their mother's who want to show these people up and are just using their daughters to do it. If I had money I would bet it all that the first sets of girls to serve in Arlington will have a few who don't necessarily want to serve or at least didn't mind the old policy, and are only serving now because their mothers cajoled them into it.