Thursday, April 20, 2006

"...But God's first"

I can't help it - I simply love this movie. I could watch it without end. Every time I watch it, I notice something new from it, along with a few more quotes that always seem to fit some situation in everyday life. Mom has some minor reflection on it many times after watching it, too. Here it is for this go around.

Taste certainly grows and matures. When I was younger, I hated watching A Man for All Seasons and now am hard pressed to stay away. In light of that realization, some time back I tested to see if lightning struck twice. That is, whether I could now stand Becket. I watched it, and while it wasn't as good as A Man for All Seasons, it was still very good and I did like it.

My reflection on A Man for All Seasons is simply to consider what St. Thomas More died for. It wasn't as if he stayed Catholic because Henry was introducing new liturgical rites or anything of that general nature. Far from that, this new sect was going to be almost exactly like Roman Catholicism. The Mass would be pretty much the same, the vestments, the altars, the prayers, the hierarchical structure, almost all of the doctrines and creed. They were all going to be the same! So what did St. Thomas More see in this new movement that was so repugnant that he died rather than submit to it?

It was the Faith of Peter. Almost everything was going to be the same and nothing physical was changing. But it was St. Thomas, a proud Englishman of distinguished stature, realizing that the Unity of Peter is not something to be gained if the going is clear; that it is necessary. That's why he died. Let's never break the Faith of Peter!

St. Thomas More,
Ora Pro Nobis