Saturday, April 15, 2006

Consummatum est

Jesus Christ has risen today. Alleluia!

Also, folks, it's finished and done...I've been Confirmed. The God-parents and family were there (except Jonathan Lee, of course) and it all went very well! I was Confirmed along about a dozen other people, most of them also converting.

The God-parents took pictures, but it will take a week or more to get them developed and sent here.

My Confirmation name was Leo. Since I'm already named after Pope Saint Gregory the Great (my middle name being the Latin word for "great", "Magnus"), choosing the name of Leo came pretty easily. Pope Saint Gregory the Great and Pope Saint Leo the Great. Of course, I take the names of two popes who bear such esteemed titles not because I'm great but because they are.

Anyway, great night all together. For what they are worth, my congratulations to the thousands of people across the country who came into the Catholic Church this night.

Gregory Magnus Leo