Tuesday, April 18, 2006

God or the Girl

Two nights ago my God-mother called me up and asked me if I was watching this show that she only described as a show where they follow four guys who are discerning their vocations around. Then on the blogs, I see this show called "God or the Girl" that fits my God-mother's description to a T.

After reading a bit on it, it seemed a little off. But I do want to offer this opinion humbly. I'm not a priest, nor a seminarian, let alone a vocations director. This is just what the impression I got as an observer. And at that, it's only an initial response.

I think the very idea of following guys around when they are supposed to be making one of, if not the biggest decision of their lives is just imprudent. Unless you're the Osborne's and have lived with cameras in your house, constantly filming, for twenty plus years, you're not going to be quite yourself around cameras. In this process, I believe you have to be totally yourself, totally listening. I think God, priests, good guidance and counseling therefrom, family, and prayers are much more suited to the discernment process than a camera and an audience.

But again, this is just what struck me at first. I'd still interested in seeing it. Plus, one of these guys, I heard, is from the Diocese of Lincoln. That's Da' Bruskewitz territory, and I don't think a man in discernment from his diocese would be doing this TV show with Bishop Bruskewitz's consent. And I certainly trust Bishop Bruskewitz's judgment.