Monday, April 17, 2006

I love Baseball

Another thing about my grandfather: what he doesn't know about baseball, especially the Mets, isn't worth knowing. He told me that the start the Mets are off to is the best in franchise history!

They just beat the Braves this evening 4-3. That's good because the Braves are in second place and when the Mets play them and beat them...well you know how it works!

Anyway the Mets have played twelve games and, with tonight's beating of the Braves, are now 10-2. I like that start. Let's go Mets!

Now over to my American League team. The Red Sox aren't doing quite as well as the Mets but are still at the head of the AL East with a record of 9-4. The Yankees are off to a bad start, tied for fourth place, being 6-6 after twelve games.