Saturday, April 22, 2006


I now believe I have seen the weakest argument against the Tridentine Mass out there. I found it at this news story, down in the commenting area and at the very bottom. This woman says:

"When talking recently with SSPXers I found they denied certain unpleasant things they did and always managed to speak in a patronising manner to Catholics who have accepted teachings of Vatican II. Don`t know who are fifth columnists, and I still have my St Andrew`s Daily Missal at the ready. It never fails to amaze me that some people feel Jesus probably turned His back on the Apostles and spoke to them in Latin during His last Passover Supper and we should do the same. Never happened."

Neither did Christ or the apostles have pews and kneelers. Get down on your knees on the hard floor. None of the apostles got on a big old organ and played rotten music at Communion time (or, for that matter, any time). Content yourself with silence. Put that missal away because Jesus and the apostles didn't have any. Far from chasubles, Christ wore a few layers of very simple fabrics that would probably seem like agony to wear nowadays. Go out to the fabric store and buy some nice, uncomfortable's what Jesus and the Apostles wore. There weren't any women at the Last Supper. Start getting used to asking your husband how Mass was because you sure as hell aren't going. It's true that Jesus probably didn't speak Latin at the Last Supper. It was more likely Hebrew or Aramaic. Get used to Mass in another language you don't understand and probably hold to be "dead". The Apostles didn't break open a book of the Torah and start to sing passages from it as the responsorial psalm. Bon Voyage to that, I guess.

There are more examples, but I think I've made my point.