Sunday, April 30, 2006

More ad orientem

A couple of days ago, I linked to an Amy Welborn post about priests facing the east while celebrating the Mass. I recently added to my blogroll this blog featuring pictures and commentary from a little place in Detroit where the Novus Ordo is said ad orientem and in Latin. Very beautiful!

If you were there in person, you would be able to tell the difference. For one thing, the Novus Ordo is said audibly. But in quite a few of the pictures on Diane's blog, you can't tell whether it's a Novus Ordo celebrated in an orthodox manner or the Tridentine Mass.

Oh by the way! We all know that Bishop Loverde allowed the Old Rite in the Diocese of Arlington. It will be allowed in two locations, one of them not starting till August. But the other one is starting it's first Tridentine Mass today and is actually going on as I type this.