Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Universal approval of Latin Missal could be on the way

Vatican City, Mar. 31, 2006 (CNA) - The St. Pius V Missal, which the Catholic Church used until 1962 before it was replaced by the new ordinary following the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, could be approved for universal use, according to sources close to the Vatican.

The decision on the use of the Missal, which was the subject of consultations between Pope
Benedict XVI, the cardinals of the Church and the heads of the different Vatican diacasteries, could be announced after another meeting the Pope has scheduled for April 7 with Curia leaders.

The Pius V Missal contains the Mass celebrated in Latin according to the "Tridentine" rite and is currently allowed only with the permission of the local bishop. Universal approval would mean the traditional rite could be celebrated freely throughout the world by priests who wish to do so.

The move is not directly related to the Lefebvrist schism, since as a theologian the Pontiff had always expressed in interest in bringing back the rite. Nevertheless, Vatican sources note that this would be an important step in resolving the schism, as the possibility of freely celebrating the Mass of St Pius V is one of the points of contention with the Lefebvrists.

In July, the Society of St. Pius X - known as the Lefebvrists - will elect a new superior. The group will chose between openness to reconciliation embodied in the current superior Bernard Fellay or the decidedly anti-Vatican stance of Richard Williamson, another of the four bishops illicitly consecrated by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.


I didn't know about that last bit! If Williamson wins, forget any un-shismatic-tizing. The man is insane. He is a holocaust denier. Need I say more? No, but I'll add on that he's about as Catholic as the Dali Lama.

But here's the thing. Even if Fellay works out a deal with the Vatican, Williamson will claim break off from that and try to spearhead the last stronghold of true Catholic tradition, and, oh, the drama!! Anyway, in that light, would his election be damaging?

If he's elected, I think that there are some rad-trads in the SSPX (Schismatic Society of Saint Pius X) who would feel uncomfortable with having a neo-Nazi in command and join up with Rome.

Mind you, this wouldn't be real faith, as it would be "Communion with Rome if I'm pushed to that extent and if they meet my demands" (much like Anglo-"Catholicism"). Either that or some will just go onto even more traddy groups though still avoiding the denying of atrocities that killed six million people.

Hmm...but I wonder what group that would be? Possibly the SSPV, but I don't know where they stand on that and I do know that they're outright sedevacantists and that that's a step even people in the SSPX aren't willing to take.

What would probably happen, should some SSPX'ers get uncomfortable with Williamson in command yet not swallow their childish pride and submit to Rome, would be they would start a new sect of their own. That would go great until some of the members disagreed with others. When that would happen some members would break off and, yes, make another sect!! Sound like any branch of Christianity you've heard of? (I'll give you a hint, it's called "Protestantism")

But that fits right in. Think about it....the SSPX is a group that loves the lord and believes in Jesus Christ greatly but not the part about Papal Primacy. Sounds like Protestantism to me!

Anyway, I've gotten a little sidetracked. Basically, there will be no union between the SSPX and the Catholic Church. It is a term of the Vatican's contract for reconciliation that they recognize the validity of the Second Vatican Council, the Novus Ordo Missae, and the decrees of excommunication that were put on them when they, like so many heretical and excommunicated bishops before them, decided that they knew better than the pope and went through with their consecrations. The SSPX will not have any trouble, I think, accepting the validity of the New Mass. The Lefebvrists I've run into didn't have any trouble with that at all! But the SSPX has stated that it will not accept the Vatican's stance on Ecumenism and on Religious Liberty. The Vatican will not change its stance on Ecumenism, it sure as hell won't change it's stance on Religious Liberty. And then there is the little matter of recognizing their excommunications. That's not going to happen, so in conclusion, I say that while I'm sorry to trample on anyone's hope (well, not really since all this is true), drop the idea that reconciliation is just around the corner. In fact, drop the idea it's happening at all.