Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Seminarian Server

I went to Mass this morning at my Tridentine Chapel. I was too late to serve, but there was another server. He was an adult but wasn't the adult who usually serves on the weekday morning Masses. Plus, his surplice wasn't the ordinary solid white but had a bit of lace on the sleeves and at the bottom (it looked exactly like this one. Instead of going straight for the cruets, he went up to the altar and handled the chalice veil, and when it came time to move the book and the veil to opposite sides of the altar, he handled the burse, holding it up and open for Father to put the corporal back into. At the end, after the Leonine prayers he kissed a ring on Fr. Willis' hand the second before he actually handed him his biretta back. Neither of these things does an ordinary altar server do, so I concluded that he must be a priest who concelebrating or, more likely, a seminarian. Well I was correct - he's a seminarian of the FSSP and has got another year before he's ordained.