Friday, May 19, 2006

Job Reflections

A couple of reflections on some things I learned from my job.

1. Dishwashing sucks.

2. Despite the fact that I handled knives maybe six times while I was there, I still walked away with my left hand cut in about a dozen different places.

3. Dishwashing really sucks.

4. In orientation, it was made quite clear that if you were under eighteen years of age, you simply DO NOT under ANY circumstances touch alcohol or any vessel holding it. "Ok, understood" was my response. Whoo-boy...I touched more alcohol in one night than I think the bartender did! If I had taken but a sip over every other glass or pitcher that came to me with alcohol in it, I would have been wasted in no time. I have to wonder why all these people sent back so much beer though? I don't know, but it was solid, pure, undiluted beer coming at me.

5. It's totally disallowed, of course, but walk-in fridges and freezers are awesome to, well, walk in to! Man do I wish I could have a portable one to walk into every now and again. "Gregory, are you there?" "No, mom, Gregory is in his freezer!"

6. My first night, I was reminded of Parris Island not in the degree of work (so calm down) but in the degree of swearing. S---, I could go one whole goddamm minute without hearing some dumb f--- think he's being all f---ing rebellious by swearing! At what point do these dumb b----es realize it's not rebellious when everyone is doing it?

7. Though a lot of swearing for the sake of it, the co-workers were cool. One of them was a long-forgotten acquaintances from back when we were first here. It was funny talking with him again. Also, the others just put me at ease with their calm disposition.

8. Washing dishes sucks!

9. The stairway leading upstairs and the entire upstairs itself smelt like something out of one of Dante's circles of Hell.

10. The manager and kitchen manager had this (dumb) acronym for "Sense OF Urgnecy", "sofu". Sorry bud, but that's not what I think of when I hear "so f u".

11. I like classical music a lot, but even then do not listen to the radio a whole lot. Like, hardly at all. As such, I was totally unprepared for some guy screaming at me from the radio about "KNOWWHAIMSAYIN?". My lord...I'm pretty sure he was trying to set a record for how many time he could say it in the space of sixty seconds.

12. Know what's funny and what's just unsettling. The environment back there in the kitchen was very, very humorous and I thought that was fine and even favorable (why not?). But this one guy, a bartender, while doing something right next to me, finished what he was doing and yelled at me "God, would you stop complaining??!" Despite my joking around in this post, I hadn't said anything negative about washing dishes and certainly not to him. So after failing to comprehend what the hell he was talking about, I asked. "I was just playing, relax!" HAHA...not funny. :-|

I think that's it for now.