Friday, May 05, 2006

Last night

Yesterday being a first Thursday of the month, I went up to Richmond to attend an evening of recollection. These are usually held at the Cathedral, but when we got there, we found that far from an evening of recollection, there was some sort of a concert or perhaps a wedding rehearsal going on.

We went around and asked someone about it and they knew what we were looking for and gave us directions to the alternative parish where it was taking place.

Now, the Cathedral in Richmond is no work of art. It's nicer than Our Lady of the Bomb Shelter, but it's still nothing to get excited about. The rest of the churches in this diocese are, for the most part, barns. So when I heard that the evening of recollection was being held at one St. Paul's parish in another part of Richmond, I didn't exactly have high hopes.

After asking a couple of times for additional directions from other people, we got there and, to my pleasent surprise, the parish was quite nice! It's almost as if they didn't have enough money to renovate it or tear it down and were forced to just leave it as it was for the most part.

The altar was beautiful and was quite a bit bigger then you usually see in a church. It was marble, to boot. There were two ad orientem altars at the side, something you don't see any more, and one was to Mary and one was to Jesus, this one being where the Tabernacle was kept.

It had a crucifix hanging in the center and up rather high on the wall. It's not very uncommon to find no trace of a crucifix because a crucifix reminds us of the suffering we were bought with and that doesn't give people warm, fuzzy feelings.

In the sacristy, I saw a picture of it before Vatican II and it really hasn't changed all that much...just push the altar back to the wall and put the altar rail (some of them it surrounding the altars at the sides) and it's the same as it always was. A very nice church.