Saturday, May 06, 2006

More Bp. Brown rubbish

Crusing around my usual news sites, I found this article about angry Catholics wanting some answers from the Diocese of Orange's Bishop, Tod Brown. Bishop Brown was the one who recently wouldn't give communion to a woman because she was commiting the unpardonable sin of kneeling for communion. Well now, apparently, he's come out in support of homosexual "marriage".

I read this article while listening to songs with one of my brothers. I was sort of thinking out loud when I said "okay, there won't be any American Inquisition or anything but there seriously has to a cleaning out of the American Episcopacy!" The brother dismissed it in a 'not gonna happen' manner but really, I think it will!

I love John Paul II and he was a huge role in my taking another look at faith and I consider his memory to be blessed. Further, I won't be tolerating anti-John Paul rhetoric on my blog (though, fortunately, this hasn't happened yet). However I will say that a shortfall of his papacy was how many rotten bishops were installed and who have done a lot of damage. I'm confident that will change under Benedict XVI's pontificate.