Thursday, May 04, 2006


Bishop Admits Defeat Over Rap Song
Posted on May 04, 2006

The Bishop of Leeds, the Rev Arthur Roche, admitted defeat this week when he told teenagers from across the diocese that his attempts at composing and singing a rap song had come to nothing. He told hundreds of delegates to the 'Plugged In' series of Easter reflections that he had hoped to be able to inspire them through music, but after getting the thumbs down from his great nephews, had decided to write them a booklet on going out and spreading the Word of God in their communities instead.


That's have a problem with a fallout among the youthful demographic in your diocese, particularly in relation to the vocations department? Well, don't straighten your diocese up and make it orthodox which is what young people are looking for! Instead, make a further fool out of yourself and the priesthood but singing a rap song you wrote!! That'll do it!!

Oy oy oy!

Via Curt Jester