Sunday, May 21, 2006

Well would you look at that?

I'm pictured in the FSSP's newsletter! My dad showed it to me while I was chatting with Fr. Willis and I was fairly unimpressed because I thought it was just our little chapel's newsletter. But no, this goes out to all of the people across the country who receive the FSSP's newsletter. Very Cool!

The fellow who took these pictures was a seminarian who was assisting at the chapel over holy week. I recorded first seeing him hanging about in this post. His name is Edgar Perry, and I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be ordained next year.

This was a weekday Mass I was serving. I remember seeing Mr. Perry, cassock, collar, and all, just sitting in the pew and not serving. I wondered why, and the reason was that he wanted to get some good pictures to take back. He got some very good ones, including the elevation of the Host and of the Chalice, and he got (my favorite), me holding the paten while Fr. Willis distributed Communion.

Here are the pictures:

This is the elevation of the Chalice. I'm the guy on the left who is, along with my partner in crime (the server on the right, of course), holding the chasuble a little higher than it needs to be. But you can't see me well nor Fr. Willis well. Really, it's not that great of a picture :-/. But no matter because of the next picture which I think is a good'ne.

Ah yes! Well, that's a pretty good shot of me and of Fr. Willis, too. Needless to say, he's distributing Communion at the altar rail and I'm there with the paten which is symbolic but which is also a smart practical caution to guard against a pretty potential mishap.

Fr. Willis' vestments are very nice. This was the octave of Easter, so he wore extra spiffy vestments (some nice decorative lining around the wrists of the alb, for example) and I wore the red cassock. On Father, you can see the his alb and chasuble, of course, but you can also clearly see the pretty grand maniple on his left arm and the equally-handsome stole criss-crossing right between the two shoulder parts of the chasuble.

Anyone familiar with the old rite knows that when you are serving and are carrying one thing, you have it in your right hand and your left hand is placed over your heart.
As you can see in both pictures, the altar was decked with lilies. The entire sanctuary smelled of them which I thought was very pleasant.