Thursday, June 29, 2006


The weather here in the Old Dominion state has been on and off lately to say the least. It was the same way today but with a funky and unexpected twist.

It pours, then it's okay, then it rains again, and then we have glorious sunshine. After a day much like that today, mom predicted the weather would be totally demoralized and it would start snowing. Not quite, but not too far either.

After it had stopped raining for a while - that is, about ten minutes - the precipitation picked up again and it was obvious it was going to be another short burst of raining like the end of creation. It started by a few huge drops that I thought was rain. I said to mom, "gosh, it sounds like stones!"

Then they started coming down many and hard. Then mom said that it sounded like hail (is that the correct way to spell it in this sense of the word?) and she was right. We looked out the window and there was hail coming down not in big pieces or anything but in amounts that I would venture to guess dwarfed Agincourt. I'd never seen any sort of whether like falling at the end of June!

But I'm quite sure there are some reading this post and yawning A) because it's boring and irrelevant, and B) because they've seen far more than that. But hey, I haven't...

Anyway, I took a few pictures. This is a wide shot of hail on the ground, that which was hitting, and about to hit, and this a closer shot, this is still closer, and this is really close. Lastly, I picked some up from here and put it on a rug to get a better picture of them, here.