Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hours of Fun

Dad passed an English Catholic newspaper on to me. Because of a couple of recent feast days, there was an article on martyrs and martyrdom, and the article was titled "Magnificent Martyrs". Call me morbid, but I soon thought of it as a new arcade game...instead of moles which you hit with a mallet, saints pop up which you decapitate with your axe. All of this with the appropriate circus music, of course.

Ooooooo, some folks say this game is sickinen',
well just screw them and start your sickelin',
don't go grabbing your poor saints head,
but don't go stoppin' till all's blood red!

Hey! there's Peter, but where's Paul?
Bet you can't quite martyr 'em all!
hackin' in this way, slicing in that,
there goes the Irish apostle Pat...