Friday, June 23, 2006

Huzzah V. Boooo

Unless it's a big player who played for years on one team and then just had to part ways (though on good terms) with his team, players who go to other teams and then return to the home of their old team are usually met with a few boos. For example, Mike Piazza played for the Mets for years, loved, and was loved. He went to the Padres, but when they come to New York (if they haven't already), Mike will be greeted with cheers. However when Alex Rodriguez left the Seattle Mariners to go to the Texas Rangers for an absurd amount of money, he was greeted with contemptuous booing and jeers. But the Mets are playing the Toronto Blue Jays, and Carlos Delgado was apparently greeted very warmly by his old home field fans.