Friday, June 30, 2006

No, never..but if they ever did....

Once again, I just watched the best movie ever made, A Man for All Seasons. And, as usual, mom and I talked about it afterwards. This time we were talking about who would be good fits for the characters if it were to be re-made, and it's rather ironic that we were talking about that since the conversation was started by me saying that no one had better even think of re-making the movie.

The first character discussed was, obviously, St. Thomas. Mom suggested Russell Crowe. Not bad. He's got the kind of face and demeanor for the role. But perhaps to be faithful to the spring that was in Thomas More's step, it would require someone a little more audacious?

Now what about King Henry? I suggested Hugh Jackman. Now take him and that ridiculous hair gig out of the X-Men profile and I really think he could pull off an awesome Henry. I think he's got the drama for it, and certainly has the cheer and anger that would be necessary. Obviously, he'd need to gain a few pounds for the role.

I suggested a ten to fifteen year younger Michelle Pfeiffer for the role of Margaret More, but since she is a bit too old for that role she'd make a fine Lady Alice. Still better, though, would be Diane Keaton. Should definitely be too old, however, to play next to Russell Crowe.

As for Margaret More, mom put forward Natalie Portman. She would definitely not be anywhere near as good as Susannah York was, since her face, though bearing many other admirable qualities, doesn't bear that of intellect as I think Margaret really should be portrayed with.

Mom thinks that Karl Urban would play Howard, the Duke of Norfolk. I think it's a good choice...he's got the sharp face yet and has the demeanor suitable to represent Norfolk's tenacity.

As Chief Wiggum said, "jump in anytime, Lou, these are good topics.."