Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Total Disconnect

Today, I was at the library picking up reserves that I had. When I was almost all set to go, the lady behind the counter said something to the effect of "oop, it looks like you have another reserve that just came in" and, with that, went off to try and locate it.

She came back with it, and for some reason I chuckled as she brought forward to check out in the library's system a book I had placed a request on a while ago but had rather forgotten and which was written by the father of a kid I went to a summer camp with, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).

On the way home, I was looking it over and practically fell out of the car because of the irony and stupidity I saw on the cover alone.

When someone writes a book that you believe to be very libelous, misinformed, and totally misrepresenting of the subject, you'd think you'd say something along the lines of "I pray that the Almighty might soften the author's hardened heart and enlighten him with the truth etc. etc."

Well not if you're some chump from! No, when someone writes a book saying that your religion is not that of peace but rather that of bloodshed and war, you reply to it by saying, I kid you not: "May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brains in two, and then put them both back, and then do it over and over again. Amen."

Patent stupidity.