Thursday, June 15, 2006

Unexpected but not Unwelcome

Blogging has been a bit scarce recently. Two Fridays ago, we got a call from the eldest son of a family we have known for-freaking-ever. The last we had known of him was that he had joined the Navy and that he was stationed in Pensacola, Florida. Also, we knew that he had gotten married and now has a step-daughter who is four.

But what we didn't know was something that actually makes a lot of sense. This was that he had received orders to report to the Naval Base here in southeast Virginia (which is a huge Navy base and thus a huge Navy hub). He, his wife, and her daughter rented a U-Haul truck and drove all the way here from Pensacola.

Luckily, he called his dear old ma and she, knowing we lived a stones throw from where he was and from the base he'd be stationed at, told him to give us a call. He did, and the first thing he wanted to know, actually, was directions to our Tridentine chapel. (Yes, he's a fellow traditionalist though not of the loopy ilk, thankfully.)

In Pensacola, however, they were told to come here and there'd be a house waiting for them. They got here okay but - oh! - no house available until the end of June. They stayed in a hotel a few days for fees that were probably good for the hotel (it was Extended-Stay, after all) but which no one could seriously keep doing for any extended period of time. So the next course of action was obvious....invite them to stay with us until they're house is available.

So we sent two days cleaning the house like crazy, and about then is when I stopped blogging temporarily. I had met up with them the day after they called because they needed help unloading their worldy possessions into a storage unit. By the way, we had perfect weather for that...pouring rain. :-(

After we finished unloading the truck, he and I went back to the hotel where we chilled. During this time, I platooned trying to rest and playing with the little girl, who reminds me very much of my sister. She's cute, says funny things ("mommy, I have such an imagination my head hurts!"), and is just supplying of the atmosphere simply described as "little girl". She got very attached to me and would come up to me and to give spontaneous hugs.

That night we went out to dinner and that was the first time my family had seen him in four years, and the first time they had seen his wife and step-daughter at all. When heading over to the restraunt, the little four-year-old said to me in a very four-year-old voice, "you're a great man." Awww!

Well anyway, they had recently gotten a puppy. She is a black labrador - great dane mix. Right now, she's as big as a grown dog, but she's only a five month old puppy and is expected to double in size. My reaction, "crikey!!"

I once heard it said in passing that you should never put two cooks in the same kitchen together as they will almost inevitably end up murdering one another. That is very true. They are barely here two days and all of te sudden my dominion over the kitchen is being challenged! No but seriously, I'm standing there watching and thinking "what is she DOING??" and also not hesitating to give voice to these concerns. I'm sure she think much the same thing most of the time. I can only imagine what it will be like tomorrow or Saturday when I start baking.

Anyway, this is why blogging has been scarce recently.