Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Fiend!

Scottish Authorities Deny Goalie Disciplined for Making Sign of Cross

By Gudrun Schultz

GLASGOW, Scotland, August 29, 2006 ( – Scotland’s Crown Office issued a clarification yesterday denying that Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc received a caution for making the sign of the cross during an Old Firm game in February.

The Crown had announced last Friday that the Polish Catholic footballer would be cautioned and receive a criminal record for “gesticulating at and incensing the crowd at a football match,” constituting a “breach of the peace.” Boruc was chastised for making three gestures, according to the Crown Office, including a “V” for victory sign, an obscene gesture toward Rangers fans and the sign of the cross.

Catholic church officials and politicians raised an outcry over the Crown’s inclusion of Boruc’s religious gesture in the caution. The Sunday Herald reported that the Catholic Church demanded a clarification from the Crown Office on “whether or not it deems the sign of the cross to be an offensive action which is the equivalent of gratuitous hand gestures.”