Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Mark Shea comments on some nonsense from Charlotte Church. In a new album of hers, she sings about how being brougt up Catholic, she has this terrible cloud of guilt that hangs over her and which she is trying to escape from. Says Mark Shea:

"I'm sorry, but there are certain things that I simply find it impossible to believe. Faster than light travel, geocentrism, Bush-planned-9/11 conspiracy theories are among them.

Also among them is the notion that the post-Vatican II Church is a dark, guilt-tripping dungeon filled with adolescents struggling to overcome their guilt-wracked childhood."

One hundred and fifty odd years ago, there was Jansenism which taught humanity is hopelessly sinful that we are rarely ever in a state fit to recieve the Eucharist. Today, we have the exact opposite heresy, the anti-thesis of Jansenism.

Today, everyone is always in a state fit to recieve the Eucharist! What's the big deal about? God loves us so we needn't go to Confession!

Just like that, today we have the exact opposite of the guilt-tripping dungeon that Mark Shea spoke of. Today, we have no sense of shame. Maybe not everything is okay, but certainly not anything we do is wrong.

Being told that God is angry with us and that we have blasphemed against Him to be curious about procreation in our adolesence is wrong. Being totally ambivilent to the reality that, yes, we do offend God and that, yes, it is something to repent of, is also wrong. There's a happy medium that can be reached without to much trouble.