Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cheaper by the Dozen

Fr. Fox and his music director (I really prefer that tile to "music minister") are taking on a worthy project where they will familiarize Father's two parishes with about a dozen hymns, and Father wants some suggestions.

There is a French saying that refers to a pot of gold to full to take from. Too many good ones to take just one, or in this case, just twelve. I'll just put down my favorites that all deserve to be on that list deserve to be on that.

All Glory, Laud, and Honor
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus
Ave Maria
Christ is made the sure Foundation
Faith of our Fathers
Holy God we Praise Thy Name
I Sing the mighty Power of God
Immaculate Mary
Lift High the Cross
O God our Help in Ages Come
O Salutaris Hostia
Sing of Mary
The Church's One Foundation

Ooo-kay. It appears I didn't have as many as I thought I would. I probably am forgetting some. If I've forgotten any let me, or better Fr. Fox, know.

One lady in the comment boxes over at BOTV suggested O Lord I am not Worthy. My spine is starting to hurt. That song makes my skin crawl as it was taught to me by a nice enough lady but a lady nonetheless stuck in a nineteen-fifties time capsule. Pretty much what I perceive to be the only down side to a school I used to go to. Only my humble opinion though.

Another person suggested How Can I keep from Singing. My Pauline Mass Parish sings that one incessently and I find myself - even while not in a particularly bitter frame of mind or even trying to make a quip - thinking "I'll find a way.."

Sing of Mary isn't one I see on many people's lists and that kind of surprises me. I only get to hear it sung once a year and that's when I'm in New York visiting my grandparents and aunts and go to St. Vincent Ferrer's at 65th and Lexington.