Sunday, September 17, 2006


Pope Benedict apologized today. For a few reasons, I think that sucks. Not because I don't want to see some people apologized to or anything like that, but because I just don't think it was necessary. And it sends the wrong message. The message is that if Muslims don't like something, all they need to do is riot, burn, shoot, and kill, and they'll get what at least some of them want. These Muslims, bascially, are whinny children.

Without getting too deep into the debate over Islam's nature, if the Papacy starts telling it like it is about Islam and then backs down as soon as the child gets whinny, there will be little chance of ever recovering. I had hoped the Vatican would start to get a little more serious about Islam. The National Catholic Register believed this is to be the Dominus Iesus papacy. I don't mean to rail (especially not against the Pope), but this isn't a good start. As I and many others have said, Benedict didn't even say he agreed with the emperor. How is he supposed to now continue with his hopes for more frank dialogue (dialouge that it would be given that he would agree with) after this?

In my opinion, the response should have been that he simply quoted an emperor, and that anything about Benedict agreeing with the emperor is purely hearsay.

Will the Pope's words make this blow over? I think they will. But regardless, peoples eyes, I think, have been opened more. I know many people had a much more difficult time accept "the religion of peace" after the deadly riots that protested the whole Danish cartoons deal. I think this adds onto it. The Pope quotes the emperor as saying that stuff about Islam, Muslims respond to allegations of them being violent by staging angry marches that go right up to the line, and then other Muslims downright crossing that line by torching, shooting, and killing. They're only making it harder for their co-religionists in the west who while may not liking anything the Pope (or rather, the emperor) said, aren't in favor of burning churches or shooting nuns.

Ugh, enough of this for now...