Saturday, September 16, 2006

Well, this sucks

Look at this headline:

Benedict blunder shows he has failed to master media machine

His blunder was, of course, saying something that Muslims didn't fancy hearing. What sucks first and foremost about this is how it is assumed that offending Muslims was a careless mistake like me being at work at clumsily dropping a case of cans. I suppose they want to be charitable and give Benedict the benefit of the doubt by assuming it was only an accident that he upset some Muslims.

God knows that no one actually and really wants to say something that isn't complementary to Islam, so surely this was carelessness on the Pope's part.....right?

But let's look at the first paragraph of the article:

By unwittingly angering Muslims with his comments on Islam, Pope Benedict XVI has shown that he has yet to shake off his academic theological roots and master the global media machine with the same deftness as his predecessor.

Once again, who said it was unwittingly? I doubt Benedict went out hoping to offend Muslims but I should certainly hope myself that he places candid truth before who is going to be offended.

The other absurdity is the writer of this article not understanding why Benedict, as the freaking POPE of the CATHOLIC CHURCH hasn't spent less time on the study of God and more time 'mastering' the group of people who understand nothing about the Church but often pretend they do, who try to view it the way they view American politics (remember hearing about Cardinals going around the Vatican and "campaigning two Februarys ago?), and who get in your face and ask obnoxious and ignorant questions.