Friday, October 20, 2006

When it sucks to be right

I can't say I didn't foresee this. Just a couple of thoughts though.

I don't want to see anything about "Willie Randolph this" or "Willie Randolph that". Willie was incredible this year. I can only remember two or three games where he should've pulled a guy sooner or left a guy in longer. He really is what the Mets need. It will be good to have him back next year.

Even before this Championship Series was old, I was thinking that, regardless of the outcome, next year will be exciting for the Mets. Come May, we'll have Pedro Martinez back, and we could have had Orlando Hernandez back as early as a couple of week from now.

On that note, I think I was right about the Mets hurting from their loss. What downed the Mets? It was injuries. Pedro went down and now is out until the summer, and then Orlando Hernandez falters before the start of the first game of the division series, for crying out loud. That's murderous. And then Floyd goes down at the beginning of the, the Mets problem this year was the injury factor.

John Maine and Oliver Perez did much better than I and many other people expected, but you're not going to win the World Series on a staff of Glavine, Trachsel, Maine, and Perez. You will, however, on a pitching rotation of Martinez, Hernandez, Glavine, Trachsel, and a John Maine, Oliver Perez, or (who knows?) Mike Pelfrey in the fifth spot.

Another thing I was saying to myself before the Championship Series ended was that I doubted the National League would win the World Series. Detroit's pitching rotation is a force to be reckoned with, and I was doubtful that the Mets, hitting a poorly as they were when I noted it in my last post, would be able to pull four games from under them.

I want it to be quite a long time before I hear the name "Yadier" again, and for crying out loud, Ron Belliard, close your damned mouth! Why the hell do think anyone at home wants to see your tongue?! Seriously! The guy gets a base hit, the camera looks over at him, and we're treated to a short film of a grown man drooling!

I don't now how long it's been since the Cardinals won the World Series, but I'm fairly sure it's been longer for the Tigers. They've sat through so many humiliating years of losing absurd numbers of games. I'm a Mets fan...I know what that's like. For now, I'm pulling for the Tigers. As for me on a more personal level, I'll have to wait a little longer.