Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Test of Consistency

Jailed For Religious Abuse

A man who spat at a Muslim woman and verbally abused her has been jailed for 15 months.

Charles Adams, 23, targeted his victim as she travelled by train with her children from an event in Hyde Park commemorating the July 7 terror attacks on London.

Middlesex Crown Court heard he had been watching an Arsenal match at Highbury with his elder brother and dad and had been drinking.

Adams told mother-of four Michelle Idrees, who is white Islam convert, that she had "sold out" her culture and her children would grow up to be "suicide bombers".

Judge Mr Justice Calvert-Smith told him: "When to your surprise, instead of cowering meekly at your abuse, she answered back you increased the venom of your abuse.

"This culminated in what was a disgusting form of common assault by spitting in her face."

The altercation on the Thameslink train in London began when Adams walked past Ms Idrees - who was wearing traditional Muslim dress - and chanted: "Terrorists, bombers. Terrorists, bombers."

Prosecutor Aisha Khan said the pair began to argue and Ms Idrees suffered foul-mouthed abuse.

Adams, a window cleaner, then turned to her four-year-old son and said "That's the next suicide bomber" before spitting at her face. His dad joined in the verbal abuse.

Ms Idrees, 28, who was also with her nephew, two friends and their two children, pulled the train's emergency cord and the men were arrested.


I don't approve of these men's behavoir, but let's go over to England and yell at a priest that he's a pedophile or at a devout couple with going to or fro a church that they've sold out to the Catholicism and that they've totally abandoned their ability to think, and see if we're saddled with these punishments? Any takers? Didn't think so. If there were any punishments handed out, you can take it to the bank that "religion" would not be on the ticket.