Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Jonathan Lee has gone off to college, so some room remodeling was done. For a few years I shared a room with the third eldest brother and while it never presented too many problems, more space would not have gone (and is not going) over badly. I moved into a room which I share with the eldest brother. So I don't have a room to myself, but the room I'm in now is at least fifty percent larger (if not more) than the room I was in before. I'm getting used to it now but I don't think that will take long, especially since I'm right by a certain toy I bought for myself. It's funny, I actually decided to put this item there just a couple of days before I had any idea that I'd be moving into that room in a few days.

As recently as three or four months ago, I had little life. To put it bluntly, that is why I could post as much as I did. But since then, stuff has begun to take off. As I noted before, I have my learners permit now. So that's something to consider and practice at.

I've had this job now for six months (I can scarcely believe that) and, with all humility, I've gotten to be good and reliable at it. In the manager's eyes, I'm worthy to get a lot more hours which, now, I'm doing.

And now I have SAT's to think about. Not only are they something to think about, but they are what is weighing heaviest on my mind. I tell people I love the job I'm at but I don't want to be at home a day past eighteen years. So I'm really worried about doing a good job and developing a good strategy with which to go at it.

This isn't something to think anxiously about, but I just thought I'd mention that I now have guns! BB guns. The first one I got for Christmas was good except that it had a load of trouble cocking only one round at a time. It would jam, I'd cock it again and it would take another round, so then it would have two rounds in it and wouldn't fire...it was a mess. So I went out and got two more guns which are more accurate and have none of the problems. Very fun.

There is my status report. Again, I hope to post at least a few times a week.